About Us

Ruian Bocheng Machinery Co., Ltd. located in Feiyun Street, Ruian City,is a professional and experienced manufacturer of full automatic four stations plastic thermoforming machines, plastic lid forming machine, especially for making transparent PP package products.After more than 10 years' accumulation, our company has professional technicians and mature technology. Now our machines have been widely used in many countries, such as Germany, France, Albania, Poland, Macedonia, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Middle East, Middle Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa and etc.Our company not only lay emphasis on machine technology but also on service, as well as machine assembling & debugging, personal training, mould design, mould making and supply the circumspect service for the clients who have the special requirements of the equipment.



  • High-speed Vacuum Blister Features High-speed Vacuum Blister Features

    Adopt vertical pull tab design: The pull tab is fast and even, stable, shortens the occupation time of the pull tab, is more adaptable to environmentally friendly materials and reduces power consumption, ensuring product molding quality.

  • Clamping Equipment Clamping Equipment

    When the plastic sheet is formed, the sheet is fixed to the clamping device. Clamping devices that facilitate the fixing of sheets of various sizes are often used in thermoformed general-purpose and composite thermoforming machines.

  • Basic Method Of Thermoforming Basic Method Of Thermoforming

    There are many methods for plastic thermoforming, which can be divided into two types according to molding power: compression molding and differential pressure molding. According to the forming mold, it can be divided into a single positive mold, a single negative mold, a counter mold, a moldless method, and the like.

  • Plastic Identification Plastic Identification

    Most plastics need to be sorted before recycling used plastics by various plastic recycling methods. Due to the complexity and complexity of plastic consumption channels, some post-consumer plastics are difficult to distinguish by simple appearance. Therefore, it is best to indicate the variety of materials on plastic products.