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Automatic continuous vacuum blister features
- Sep 13, 2018 -

1. Control system: artificial intelligence, the system uses Siemens CPU224 host and Siemens EM222 module, the human-machine interface uses Delta 10.4 inch color touch screen, professional operation screen, corresponding to the ordinary operation mode, solves the upgrade control problem. The powerful memory space is equipped with automatic operation, manual operation, function setting, mechanical animation, fault display, equipment documentation, safety guidance and other interfaces. The whole system is safe and stable.

2. Loading area: The feeding is carried out by motor lifting, the weight can be up to 200 kg, and the feeding piece is driven by rubber roller, and two large rods are provided for replacing the sheet.

3. Electric heating area: electric furnace is made of stainless steel, Taiwan heating tile, Japanese high temperature wire, high frequency porcelain joint, 60 heating tiles on the furnace, 42 heating tiles under the furnace, maximum power 40.8KW, Korean DPC digital proportional regulator, one Control one to adjust the temperature, and a temperature sensor to display the temperature of the electric furnace to facilitate data management. The electric furnace cylinder drive, power outage or overhaul the electric furnace exits the machine, which is safe and convenient.

4. Molding zone: The molding length is not limited within 1220mm, the forming width is 470~720mm, the die plate is a total of 5 aluminum alloy water transport type, and it is independently disassembled. The quick vacuum tube and water pipe joint are designed to facilitate the die change. The mold plate is every 50mm. Width one specification, molding height up to 200 mm, sheet width 510~760mm, bottom mold cylinder? 150×350 mm, electric adjustable height, mold stroke up to 320mm, and equipped with vibration demoulding, multiple release blow Release mold release delay function. The upper mold cylinder is 125×450 mm, which can be electrically adjusted. It is equipped with a secondary upper die independent and upper pressure release isolation function. The lower brake and the middle brake are designed with a quick push-pull type.