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Basic Method Of Thermoforming
- Sep 13, 2018 -

There are many methods for plastic thermoforming, which can be divided into two types according to molding power: compression molding and differential pressure molding. According to the forming mold, it can be divided into a single positive mold, a single negative mold, a counter mold, a moldless method, and the like.

Molding, also known as mechanical stretching, is a molding method in which a plastic sheet is molded into various parts by means of mechanical pressure or self-weight in the form of a single mold or a counter mold. The male mold means that the shape of the mold is convex, and the female mold means that the shape of the mold is concave, the mold only forms one side of the product, and the other side is exposed to the air, which is different from the press forming of one molding process. This method is basically suitable for all thermoplastics