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High-speed Vacuum Blister Features
- Sep 13, 2018 -

1. Adopt vertical pull tab design: The pull tab is fast and even, stable, shortens the occupation time of the pull tab, is more adaptable to environmentally friendly materials and reduces power consumption, ensuring product molding quality.

2. Independent group temperature control: It adopts special dense planar far-infrared ceramic hair piece assembly, and the temperature is uniform: it is 50% higher than the traditional machine.

3. The electric heating furnace adopts closed heating to make the heating more uniform and reduce the heat energy loss, and is equipped with a manual switch to control the vertical lifting of the electric furnace, which is beneficial to control the product quality in the production process. Thick film or PP sheet can be heated by upper and lower double electric furnace (customized) to speed up heating and increase production speed.

4. This machine is equipped with a vibration stripping device, which is not easy to deform for difficult products and easy to demould.

5. Double-row needle chain drive, high speed operation to ensure accuracy and stability, equipped with width adjustable device, so that this machine can make the most use of film and reduce waste.

6. The whole machine is equipped with a water-cooling device and a high-speed cold water spray to accelerate the molding speed and ensure the molding quality. The production speed is twice as fast as the traditional one.

7. Built-in secondary vacuum makes the difficult products more easy to shape, improve product quality and reduce scrap rate.

8. The whole machine adopts all imported electrical appliances and pneumatic components of international famous factory. The quality is absolutely reliable, safe and durable.

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