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Plastic Tray Environmental Protection
- Sep 13, 2018 -

Sustainable development

As we all know, plastic trays are composed of their atoms, and they are nothing more than carbon and hydrogen. Therefore, after recycling, incineration and power generation is a good solution. Foreign countries have mature experience. Of course, waste plastics can regenerate fuel, which is a good and tempting way. DOw Chemical's technical department estimates that the energy per pound of PS is equivalent to 75% of No. 2 fuel (20,000 British thermal units BTU). In addition, the recycled plastic tray can be regenerated and granulated as an injection molding material. In China, some people re-impregnate with recycled PS pellets. The plastic pallet sheet made of recycled plastic pallets is of acceptable quality and has certain industrial value. Plastic pallet waste is also a successful experience in making paint and glue. It is said that the waste plastic tray can be re-decomposed into styrene monomer. Of course, it is necessary to have a large supply of waste plastic trays. In summary, the so-called "white pollution" of plastic pallets is essentially the recycling of discarded plastic pallets. Obviously, it is indeed a rather arduous task to not throw litter and ask all the people to do it seriously.