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Plastic Tray Production Process
- Sep 13, 2018 -

The plastic tray products produced by the injection molding method are flat, smooth, crisp, compact, and have a large degree of product design freedom. They are divided into double-sided integral plastic trays and double-sided assembled plastic trays.

The double-sided integral tray generally has a weight of more than 15 kg/block, and the shape is relatively complicated, requiring an injection molding machine with a clamping force of more than 2,500 tons. The trays are complex in shape, large in investment, and relatively high in cost, but due to fewer production processes, relatively high production efficiency and good product quality. There are not many methods used in general plastic processing plants.

The double-sided assembled tray is divided into upper and lower two-piece trays, which are respectively assembled by injection molding. Although this product requires 2 pairs of molds, the mold structure is greatly reduced, the total investment of the mold is still cheaper than the whole type, and the requirements for the clamping force of the equipment are also reduced. The clamping force is ≥1500 tons, and the general plastic processing plants are all It's easier to do. This type of production may become the mainstream of plastic pallet production.